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Operators know the importance of a tight cable and Telecommunication plant, built to last. Plant integrity comes from good engineering, careful construction, quality materials and continuous maintenance.

At CLUSTERASIA CORP., we’ve built a full-line cable and Telecommunication products supply house the same way you build a top quality system. Over the past twenty five (25) years, we’ve developed all the features you want and need from a supplier. You can depend on CLUSTERASIA CORP.

CLUSTERASIA CORP. established itself in the Cable TV and Telecommunication market in July 22,1993.

CLUSTERASIA CORP. serves the entire Cable and Telecommunication market.

Our commitment is to handle the best products from a number of suppliers. You are never restricted to unfamiliar manufacturers. CLUSTERASIA CORP. stocks the names you know, and we give you a choice of several brands.

With multiple warehouses, knowledgeable people, on-line computerized support systems and innovative delivery methods, CLUSTEASIA CORP. should be your Cable and Telecommunication equipment supplier.

Through our warehouse, locations, CLUSTERASIA CORP. can deliver your

order quickly and economically. You can count on our knowledgeable staff to have what you need when you need it, where you need it.


We will Grow as one of the Best Company in the World in the Field of Universal Broadband Cable, Broadband  Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (4G Technology).

The Most Prospective Industry in 21C.


Clusterasia Corporation was established last July 22, 1993.  We entered into a joint venture agreement with Manila Cable TV services to construct, operate and maintain cable TV system in Legaspi City and Daraga Albay in the year 1996.

In year 1997, Clusterasia Corp. registered to do Cable TV operation in a city and 5 municipalities in the province of Ilocos Norte.  We formed an affiliation with World Asia last August 17, 1999 and another affiliation with Entrepreneurs Club International Marketing Corporation in the year 2001.  The corporation is engaged in prepaid and cellular phone distribution with multi level market.

Clusterasia Corp. entered to another joint venture agreement with Metro Rail Ads Audio Visual Advertising Network on November 14, 2005 to construct, operate and maintain a Rail Ads Network in LRT and MRT.

New affiliations were made with MBA Web Homepage Pixels Advertising and Alonzo Satellite Cinema Network in the year 2006.

On May 12, 2008, we became the GSAT Direct TV National Dealer.

Clusterasia Corp. became Alantek Communications of USA as Authorized Reseller for Philippines on November 1, 2010.

Last April 19, 2013, Clusterasia Corp. became Tecnec Distributing of Saugerties, NY-USA as  Philippines Exclusive Distributor of various broadcast equipment.

Again, On April 19, 2013, Xi'an Globesat Communication Technology Co., Ltd of Shaanxi China engaged in manufacturing solid aluminum satellite dish for transmit and receive appointed Clusterasia Corp. as their Philippines agent. 

On November 5, 2013, Clusterasia Corp. entered an Exclusive Reseller Agreement with 4Cable TV, Inc. of Conway, SC-USA.

Clusterasia Corp. Started to manufactured various CATV products on 2014 such as: 

       C-Corp 12 degrees K, C-Band LNB - Anti Signal Interference for 4th Generation (4G) & 8th Generation (8G)                    Technology , C-Corp Stereo Agile Modulator, C-Corp High Voltage Isolator and Distribution Products to                          name a few.




a) Transmit technology with equipment’s for the cable internet
b) Voice compression technology with the internet phone sets
c) Connecting technology with the internet router

a) Domestic market sales – secure a lot of domestic customer
b) The level of all employees foreign language skill – at least upper intermediate level

a) Development of a bright prospective item in undeveloped area by large enterprise
b) Competitive prior occupation as a supplier of cable tv equipment and business solution

a) Maximization of individual capacity based on operation by each separated teams.